Curtains Up Theater Review by Camille Bounds: Pintello Comedy Theatre presents “Hate Mail”

Published online on February 22, 2018

Whitney Pintello in “Hate Mail”

Corresponding by mail — snail mail — is a method of yesterday with the advent of  computers, e-mail and a million other ways the Internet will push the writer, but The Pintello  Comedy Theater  brings a hilarious two character comedy to their stage with Whitney Pintello and Jayson Stebbins with a correspondence to each other that covers a span of years with clever humor by Bill Corbett and Kira Obolensky. They bring moments of humorous nostalgia in their traversing time with challenges that some of us have faced.

Playwriters Corbett and Obolensky wrote the play living in separate areas of the country sending their scenes to each other to edit and work to finally got together to complete the book. Their completed work keeps the humor going throughout with enjoyable punch lines that really hits home.

Jayson Stebbins in “Hate Mail”

Whitney Pintello and Jayson Stebbins give solid performances while carrying the whole 90-minute production without let-up. Marion Pintello directs.

Pintello’s  productions of their comedy theatre will always have a Pintello family member either directing, acting, working props, sound, lighting and ticketing somewhere in the staging. They continually offer at least four solid comedy productions a season.

It’s not unusual to meet friends and acquaintances at this popular event. There is loyal following that enjoys a fun evening that is close to home with easy parking and tickets that won’t break the bank.


Pintello Comedy Theater Presents: “Hate mail”

Where: The Gilroy Grange Hall 8191 Swanston Lane – Gilroy

Performances week-ends through March 3rd at 8 pm

Running time: 90 minutes with one intermission.

Reservations tickets and details: call: (408) 337-1599


Tickets: $20


Camille Bounds

Camille Bounds

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