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Carol Marques

I am a Gilroy native who has seen much change in Gilroy over the years.  I feel I am the best candidate for City Council because I just don’t talk about doing something, I do it. I am tired of the rhetoric; it is now time for action.

My platform is threefold:

  1. I promise to give citizens their voice back by listening to all points of view on a project before making an educated decision. No decision should ever be made before a public hearing is held.
  2. Economic development is vital for Gilroy’s survival. By re-vitalizing our downtown, much needed tax revenue can be infused into the city’s coffers. Back in February, Linda West (founder of Citizens for Downtown Revitalization) and I were concerned about the continuing condition of downtown Gilroy with its blighted buildings and vacancy rate. Based on research and interviews, we co-wrote a six-item action plan giving solutions on how some of downtown’s problems could be corrected. We then met individually with the city and council to share our ideas. All agreed something had to be done and used many of our ideas when they did their annual goal setting this past February. However, since then, Gilroy has lost five more businesses downtown. Did they take us seriously?

If elected, I want the city to make it easier to start a business in Gilroy by looking at ordinances and providing an easy “step-by-step” guide for fee structures.

I want ordinances enforced like 5D that prevent blight. To infuse life into the downtown, I want ordinances that hold building owners responsible for their buildings. I want the EDC to market the downtown to potential investors and obtain an anchor tenant.

  1. I am vice-chair of Gilroy Growing Smarter and was instrumental in getting Measure H passed in 2016 which now provides an Urban Growth Boundary line around the city. Studies have proven that companies locate in cities that have open space, working land, quality of life and a viable downtown.

If you share my viewpoints, I would be honored to have your vote for the two-year seat for City Council.

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