Published online on September 24, 2018

What do you get when you put 48 kids ages seven to 14 with director Carol Harris? Only one of the best children’s shows to hit our local stage ever. South Valley Civic Theatre’s “Aladdin Jr.” – based on the popular Disney animated film – takes the audience to a whole new world.

Throw in the original clever chorography of Jennifer Girfall and creative sets and special effects including a magic carpet by Richard Kauser and Roger Traverso with costumes by Jennifer Puente who is also producer of this show and you’ve got a production of “Aladdin” that sparkles for more than two hours with an amazing cast of kids that deliver 200 percent. Every one sings and dances with full vigor that makes up a chemistry that blends and makes this an entertainment you want to see again.

The musical tells the story of Aladdin, a street urchin who discovers a magical lamp. With the help of a genie, after many setbacks he wins the heart of the beautiful princess Jasmine, the daughter of the sultan. I haven’t noted individuals since the cast is huge and all are super in their roles.

With music by Alan Menken with Book by Chad Begelin, “Aladdin Jr.” is the first show of SVCT’s 50th season. I can’t wait to see the four more great productions this season. They were chosen as audience favorites.

As the old saying goes, grab the kids and “run, don’t walk” for tickets to “Aladdin Jr.” for a super fantastic theatrical experience.

Camille Bounds

Camille Bounds

Theater Columnist at Gilroy Life
Camille Bounds is the theater columnist for the Morgan Hill Life and Gilroy LIfe newspapers. She has performed on Broadway and traveled around the world. She can be reached at: bounds17@gmail,com
Camille Bounds