Published in the October 3 – 16, 2018 issue of Gilroy Life

Tuyen Flack

Hi, my name is Tuyen Fiack and I am running for Gilroy Unified School District Board of Trustees because I want to ensure that we invest in our youth and the teachers that serve them.

As the executive director of Silicon Valley FACES, I have worked with hundreds of youth in Santa Clara to empower them to be positive change leaders in their communities.

I understand the struggles of our diverse youth (both racially and socio-economically) that have been barriers to a successful learning environment such as trauma, bullying, low self-esteem and poor relationship building skills. I also understand the impact of how a caring teacher can have a profound effect on a student’s success.

As a board member, I want to ensure that the district is continually investing in our youth and the teachers that serve them.

As a district, we are heading in the right direction with increased graduations rates however; we need to ensure that they are ready for college and career.

Only about 35 percent of our graduates meet UC/CSU requirements. We can do better.  We need to provide social emotional supports that foster collaboration, communication and growth mindset so that our kids are ready for the 21st Century and will be global citizens.

My commitment to Gilroy is that I will be knowledgeable, passionate, inclusive and empathetic to the needs of our community and I will lead with integrity and transparency.

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