Published in the October 5 – 18, 2016 issue of Gilroy Life

By Cat Tucker


Cat Tucker

I have been a Gilroy resident for more than 30 years. My grown children, Austin and Angelique Geiger, attended our public schools and my husband, Sean Geiger, owns a small business in town. Our family is actively involved at St. Mary Church as well as many other organizations during the years, including the Garlic Festival, Kenpo Karate, Gilroy Little League, Gilroy Browns, Brownell Band, Basketball, Gilroy High Football and Cheer.

I started my political involvement as a neighborhood activist and then was appointed to the Planning Commission for eight years.

I have devoted my time in a number of ways gaining valuable experience as shown by all the numerous committees and task forces that I have served, including:


• Gilroy City Council — 9 years
• Gilroy Parks and Rec Commission — 2 years
• Gilroy Welcome Center, Board of Directors — 8 years
• Gilroy City Council Library, Ad Hoc • Building Committee — 2 years
• Gilroy General Plan 2040 Update Committee, Vice Chair
• Gilroy Garlic Festival Association, Refreshments Chair — 3 years
• St. Mary Mexico Mission work — 10 years


• Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency — 4 years (Former Chair Governing Board)
• Cal Train Citizens Advisory Committee — 7 years
• Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission — 8 years
• Past Member LAFCO — 3 years (Former Chair)
• Past Member of VTA Policy Advisory Committee

During my time on the city council, I have had many successes including instituting a quarterly financial review, supporting downtown development incentives and fixing the city sidewalks.

As a woman, I provide a different perspective that is much needed on the council. Additionally, I have had to make the tough decisions required to survive the worst economic downturn in our history. I am proud to say Gilroy is in much better shape today — but we still have work to do.

Going forward, my goals for Gilroy are: reducing impact fees for our downtown, attracting business for economic development, moving forward with a viable arts center, supporting parks and recreation programs for youth and seniors as well as finding solutions to meet our unfunded liabilities such as road improvements.

I am honored to serve you and respectfully ask for your vote.

Marty Cheek