We can create a better world if we simply decide to do so

What kind of world do you want?

This July 4, we launched a website called Vision-2020.com that we hope, with the support of people in the South Valley and people around the world, will help humanity make history. We hope that history will be just as significant as what happened when the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

I love America. I see the Stars and Stripes waving in the breeze and I feel proud of our nation and its people represented in red, white and blue. But I’m also concerned about the country we’re becoming, a place where people are becoming increasingly polarized by partisan politics and a media that is fragmenting us into warring factions. I will not sit on the sideline and let the nation I love fall into dystopia because Americans failed to stop the decline of democracy. So, with other people who care about our country, I now offer with Vision-2020 a better world for all.

We chose July 4 to launch the website because that is a day symbolizing America as a hope for humanity. I invite you to join me now on an adventure to transform the United States into the nation that our destiny calls us to be. Together, let’s lead all people to reinvent the rules so that peace, prosperity and social justice grow throughout the planet and forever protect and enhance our global civilization.

If you care about the land of the free and the home of the brave as deeply as I do and are willing to take action to protect America and its values, consider joining me to achieve the goals of Vision-2020. With your help we will create media innovations using digital technology to unite the people of our nation in a spirit of cooperation for the benefit of all humanity. Starting on Independence Day this year, Vision-2020 honors our democratic heritage by giving the future the gift of a lasting legacy of freedom.

We’re now at a point in our nation’s story where, if left unchecked, the growing cancer of our political and social dysfunction will lead to the death of democracy and end our republic’s noble experiment in self-governance. History shows us there is a cure. We simply need to replace our social division with an ambitious vision, one powered by the America spirit.

This month marks the 50th anniversary of one such vision: the first manned moon landing. That adventure united for one brief, shining moment millions watching it on TV. The ambitions of Vision-2020 can serve as an even greater adventure for America by uniting humanity with storytelling through media. Using technology we now possess, we can transform our news, marketing, education and arts and entertainment to empower people with the knowledge and skills needed to solve the very real challenges threatening human existence.

We invite candidates now seeking the White House to support the goals of Vision-2020. These goals, no doubt, for many Americans will seem bold in their ambition. So did the goal of landing men on the moon. With technology connecting all humanity for the first time in history, we can use media tools to make the vision a reality.

It’s time for us Americans to stop fighting one another and start uniting with each other. Once we put away our petty politics and start to strive together for a better tomorrow, we Americans can take the road to a destination of a much higher quality of life for all people. If we fail to do that and continue down our present path of political dysfunction, we will certainly perish.

Vision-2020 is a roadmap for a journey for humankind. If we succeed in igniting enough people’s imagination to participate, we will find ourselves as journey’s end with a better world for all. If you decide to take part in an adventure to transform America into the nation destiny has called us to be, visit www.Vision-2020.com. Let’s continue the journey — the adventure — started in 1776.

What kind of world do you want? Humanity’s future awaits your answer. Be a hero for humanity. Support Vision-202 team and together let us transform the world.

Marty Cheek is the publisher of Morgan Hill Life.