SVSEF wants to you to tell us “Why should I participate in the 2020 South Valley Science and Engineering Fair?” Use this checklist to ensure you’re ready to submit your video and supporting documents (media release form and registration) for a chance to win $200, have family, friends, teachers, and fellow students see your video on our website,, and be acknowledged in both the Morgan Hill Life and Gilroy Life newspapers.

How do I enter the contest?

1. Answer the question “What do I gain if I do a science or engineering project and present it on February 8, 2020 at Christopher High School? Consider the benefits of doing citizen science on a problem of your own choosing, public speaking, teamwork, leadership, writing, adaptability, problem solving, critical observation, data analysis, and other skills.

2. Download the Media Release Form. Be sure all students who appear in your video (including you!) have it signed by their parents or guardians. Scan the signed forms, save as a PDF or JPEG, and return it to SVSEF with the rest of your submission as discussed below.

3. Write your script, practice your part(s), and film your 1.5-2.0 minute video.

4. Fill out the Video Submission Form.

5. Upload your video, using public settings so SVSEF can review it. or YouTube make it easy for free, public sharing. Make sure the audio is clear!

6. Go to the SVSEF Student Video Contest link on by midnight December 1, 2019, to submit your video link, PDF or JPEG of your signed media release form(s), and video submission form.

SVSEF looks forward to seeing your video! Contact us on our website’s Fair Forum webpage or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Marty Cheek