Gilroy is one of a handful of districts not offering  in person education to its secondary students

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Christopher High School remains closed to in-person learning until the end of the school year.

By Kristi Garrison

Kristi Garrison

April 20, 2021 should be a day of joy for Gilroy’s middle and high school students. After watching the elementary students return to school and their peers throughout the county, state, and nation return, many of whom have been back since the fall, and are now full time, Gilroy’s secondary students should have experienced their first day of in-person education in more than 13 months. Our children were denied the opportunity to interact with teachers in-person, socialize with peers, an experience that every child needs and deserves. An experience Gilroy Unified’s board of trustees denied our students.

On March 25, 2021 when Gilroy was in the orange tier the GUSD School Board voted no on two different reopening plans. Their reasons for voting no ranged from inconvenience, to inequity (nothing is more inequitable in education than students not receiving an in-person education), Gilroy’s case rates and how many people students would interact with in one day. Before the second vote, which kept our children in distance learning for the remainder of the school year, the school board was reminded that they were voting from the safety of their own homes. This was odd, as they had approved the return of elementary the week prior.

Currently, Gilroy has one of the lowest case rates in Santa Clara County. I would love to see local  leadership commend our citizens for their hard work and stop citing outdated COVID-19 data. Many things have changed since our community infection numbers we