“The budget adoption allocates millions of taxpayer dollars, but it also provides residents with the city’s roadmap on how the city plans to achieve its goals and priorities.”

By Jimmy Forbis

Jimmy Forbis

The Gilroy City Council adopted the fiscal year 2022 and fiscal year 2023 budget June 7, which completed a five-month process that began in February with Council’s Strategic Planning Workshop and included several council and community workshops and meetings (all conducted virtually).  Those workshops and meetings culminated with the passage of the city’s two-year spending plan of $187 million in FY22 and $155 million in FY 23.

The two-year budget cycle was conducted in the middle of a very challenging time — the COVID-19 pandemic. As the city has experienced significant revenue losses due to the pandemic, the challenge for council and city staff was to create a spending plan that maintained services levels that Gilroyans have come to expect in their community. The FY22 and FY23 budget assumes the economy will recover quickly from the economic downturn and that economically we will return to pre-pandemic levels in FY23.