Gilroy Life is the perfect choice for your business branding needs.

Gilroy Life is the perfect advertising and marketing partner for your business. Our local distribution hard copy newspaper, combined with our new online website and social media presence, help you to target your exact prospects, monitor ad campaigns for effectiveness and adjustments, and convert print and online prospects into ready to buy customers in search of the products and services you provide.

Our affordable and creative ad packages bring value and results to your business. We love local businesses! Contact us today to see what a customized advertising and marketing partnership program from Gilroy Life and Life Media Group can do for your business.


Print and Social Media Engagement


Print and Online Advertising Campaigns


Continued Monitoring and Reporting

Why choose Gilroy Life?

As a small business, we know every dollar counts. You need partners who help you to get the most of every dollar spent. When it comes to marketing and advertising, Gilroy Life is uniquely qualified to support your business and help you grow. Our marketing and advertising department is on the cutting edge of technology, industry expertise, and creativity. We will help you to:

Are you an established business or a new business just getting started? We can help you at any stage. Branding starts with a hard and creative look at your business logo, colors, print and social media presence, messaging to current and potential customers. Branding, in general, needs to be fresh, inviting, and designed to prompt engagement.

We can help you create or refine your brand with the latest technologies, marketing intelligence, and design tends to help you gain maximum traction in today’s competitive market. We’ll start with an in-depth analysis of your business, goals and objectives, and current branding. From there, we’ll advise you on how to make the best impact with your brand. Download our free report on effective branding by clicking the button below.

Now that your brand is just right, it’s time to think strategically about how and where you need to place your brand to achieve your desired results. We can help you with strategic placement in our print newspaper, including featured ad spots, articles related to your brand and products, calls to action and beautiful images to engage thousands of potential customers every month.

Additionally, our new and improved Gilroy Life website, together with our sister publication Morgan Hill Life, provide you with an incredible opportunity to place your brand in front of thousands more monthly viewers.  We’ll create custom ads and strategically place them on our website(s) with links to your website, social media account, white papers, or other specific location based on desired response. We’ll provide full page ad spots with related articles, reviews, calls to action, and engaging images.

Download our free report on effective branding by clicking the button below.

Key placements in our print newspapers, social media campaigns targeting your key demographics; your ideal customers and prospects. Now its time to actively monitor ads and campaigns, adjust as needed for best results, respond to customer and prospect engagement, and diligently manage your brand and message. Sounds like a lot of work, and it is. Which is why very few small businesses can do it effectively.

That’s where we continue to provide excellent service as your advertising and marketing partner. We will provide monitoring and management of your online and in-print advertising, track results and check in with you every month. We will provide analytics showing you where your customers are and how effectively your reaching them. We’ll adjust campaigns and ads as need and help you with seasonal and special promotions in print and online so you can focus on what you do best.

Download our free report on effective branding by clicking the button below.

Now that your advertising and marketing strategy is in place and rolling along, how do you know if it’s working or not? If you don’t get results it’s a waste of time, effort and money. As a small business, we get it! Our advertising packages are designed to deliver results. We will back up our efforts with monthly analytics; reports showing the viewers, website visits, white paper downloads, likes, follows, comments and other engagement in a simple report.

We are confident that you will start to see results with our advertising packages in place and working for your brand. Our efforts will keep you focused on what you do best -provide excellent products and services, while we focus on building your brand. We will help you find, engage and attract new customers, and retain your existing ones. Are you ready to build your brand with us and experience incredible growth? Let’s get started!

Download our free report on effective branding by clicking the button below.

Our Director of Advertising and Marketing 

Gilroy Life is proud to have Jessica Ewing on our staff. She covers Gilroy and is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes increase their ability to reach the public and expand their markets. Jessica will help you place ads in our print newspapers, create online ads and marketing plans, and develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy encorporating print, social media, website and video packages, depending on your budget and goals. 

Jessica Ewing
Jessica EwingAdvertising & Marketing
Jessica is ready to help you create your advertising plan and marketing strategy to grow your brand. A recent graduate from San Jose State University with a degree in Marketing, Jessica is equipped with the latest tools, techniques and knowledge and will help you every step of the way. Contact Jessica today and get started building your brand!

Contact Jessica and let’s get started!