Program helps grads soar into lucrative job market

By Donna Lane

One of the gems of Silicon Valley’s education sector isn’t nestled among the weathered texts of a wood-paneled library or veiled in a whiz-bang computer lab tricked out with all the high-tech trimmings. It’s found it in a couple hangars and portable classrooms at the San Martin County Airport.

Gavilan College’s Aviation Maintenance Technology curriculum is accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration. It’s producing skilled, in-demand technicians who can earn upward of $72,000 annually, straight out of the two-year program. Graduates find themselves in the cockpit when it comes to employment options and job security. Work is plentiful, compensation is generous, and there aren’t enough candidates to fill positions.

Right: Gilroy resident Eddie Trevizo works on the final assembly of an aircraft engine. Above: Salinas resident Esthefani Montel